UNE COVID-19 Response

Welcome to the University of New England’s community resource for COVID-19 protocols and announcements.

2023 COVID-19 Guidance

Vaccination Requirements

While UNE continues to recommend vaccination for students and employees, it is no longer required for students who are not in the health professions. Faculty and professional staff who do not work in clinical/patient-facing roles are also not required to be vaccinated.

Vaccination is still required for students in health professions programs so they can complete clinical requirements needed to graduate. 员工 who work in on-campus clinical settings such as the Oral 健康 Center, the Coleman Dental Hygiene Clinic, OMM实验室, and 学生健康 Services are also required to be vaccinated.

另外, for those students who are engaged in study abroad, 实习, or practicums outside of UNE, there may be restrictions imposed by those third parties, including vaccination requirements, which could have academic and travel implications.


UNE students or employees mentioned above for whom the COVID-19 vaccine is still required will need to have an exemption for their work or study sites if they cannot or do not want to be vaccinated. To request an exemption, please fill out the COVID-19 vaccine exemption form and upload it to the Student Patient Portal. Once you’ve uploaded the form, please await further instructions from 学生健康 Services regarding the request.

Masking and PPE Requirements

UNE does not require masking in clinical/patient-facing spaces such as the Oral 健康 Center, Coleman Dental Hygiene Clinic, 学生健康, 和OMM诊所. Practitioners and students in these spaces will continue to adhere to the PPE requirements for their specific discipline. Members of the UNE community are, 当然, free to wear a mask voluntarily at any time should they choose to do so.

Positive Case Reporting and Isolation Requirements 

UNE no longer tracks positive cases of COVID-19 and students are no longer required to report cases to 学生健康 Services. Any student or employee who has symptoms of a contagious illness should stay home or wear a mask to avoid transmission, and those who test positive for COVID-19 should isolate according to CDC guidelines.

If you have questions regarding UNE’s COVID-19 policies, reach out to onward@uc1112.com.